Become a ThirdRails Friend!

Since 2018 the ThirdRails project enhances your TS experience by a magnitude.
The project will always be free to use, but we have problems covering all the costs for hosting the websites and development tools.

Quite a few of you already donated helping the project further, which we greatly appreciate!
The problem however is that it is not enough. To give you an impression on this date (20-07-2020, more then half way through the year) only 29% of our yearly costs is covered with donations.

To get more costs covered, we introduced from version 3.4 on, ThirdRails Friend Functions.
TRF functions will require a one-time donation of at least € 10,00 to  work and will last a life time.

What functions will require a donation?

Don’t worry. Only  niche functions, real specialized for a specific goal will require a donation. Think about the Dashboard Designer. If you are an analitic guy you will be interested in this functionality. If you don’t care, it won’t sit in your way. We will not advertise you with it.

How does this work?

The license will be bound to your PayPal e-mail address. Once you donated we will provide a activation code, normaly within 24 hours. You can activate your personal code in combination with your Paypal E-mail address within the TRM application.
Nothing is saved server side. Your licensed is saved in your user profile ThirdRails folder.

I already donated! Now what?

Then you already are a ThirdRails Friend!
If you already donated you can claim your activiation code by sending an email to Please provide your name and Paypal e-mail address you used during the donation and we will sent you the code.

Currently available Friend functions

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