ThirdRails.org is home of the ThirdRails tool chain for Dovetail Train Simulator 2018.

The ThirdRails Map tool, is a free supporting live map tool for route learning and scenario creation in combination with Train Simulator. It follows your train on a map, where the user can add POI’s about the route, destinations and other info of interest. TRM offers an Out-Of-The-Cab live map experience, using ThirdRails Radar meaning you can view it on any device you like using a webbrowser.

The Community Radar shows all active players at a world-wide scale. You can there watch, follow and interact with you friends.

ThirdRails.org is an initiative of Roland Beenhakker powered by Beensoft.

If you have a question, fill in the contact page or drop an email at:
beentrain [at] gmail.com.

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