Partners and Streamers


Dutch is our download partner. You can always download our latest version here. The site offers free downloads of freeware routes (specialized in dutch routes!), scenario’s and assets of which most have installation instructions in englisch, dutch and german.

Want to become a partner? Please contact us.


Want to see ThirdRails in action?
Pay a visit to one of the many streamers who use ThirdRails during their stream.

Rob Jansen
Rob Jansen is a dutch streamer who streams Train Simulator on sunday evenings and occasionaly other days of the week.
Twitch Stream | RJ’s World of Simulation

Rubku_NL streams Train Simulator multiple times per week as well as other simulation games.
Twitch Stream | Rubku’s Facebook Page

Tom is a regular TS streamer and also makes nice instruction video’s on using the ThirdRails Map Tool and other TS tools.
Twitch Stream | TrainsimTV’s Facebook Page

Chris Schild
Chris is among the first TS streamers that used ThirdRails during their streams. He is streaming TS on  regular basis.
Twitch Stream | Chris Gaming

Beentrain, creator of ThirdRails, is sometimes streaming ThirdRails features. (Mind he is not a diehard streamer as the others in this list)
Twitch Stream


Are you streaming TS using ThirdRails, or know someone who does, and want to add to the list? Please contact us.


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