ThirdRails Manual Viewer

Always searching for manuals for loco’s and routes?

Stop searching here is TMV!

TMV is a PDF viewer allowing you to view any PDF, however this one is special for Train Simulator. Default it will open your PDF’s from the default TS manual location, so no more browsing.

Beside that it offers the unique feature that it can stay on top of Train Simulator. Note that Train Simulator must be in borderless mode for that.

Features and functions:

  • View manuals direct from the TS default directory
  • Search inside the manuals
  • Annotate manuals (highligting etc) and save them for your own use.
  • Stay on top in the cab (TS in borderless mode only)

TMV, bringing manuals into the cab!

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You use this software at your own risk. Author can not be held responsible for any damage due to using this software.


You need to have Microsoft .NET framework 4.5.2 installed to use this software.
Windows 10 will have this already. (Same as TRM)

Extract the folder “ThidRails Manual Viewer” somewhere on your computer.
Double click the TMV.exe file to start the viewer.

For more info read the readme.txt in the download.

Thats it!


Current version 1.0.01:
– Fix for opening about form in always on top mode caused modal form behind main screen not closable

Download your free copy here

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