ThirdRails Radar

ThirdRails Radar (TRR), is a free to use web application which can be used to view your live map, as broadcasted by the ThirdRails Map Tool(TRM), on any device in a webbrowser. Basically TRR is the same live map as shown in the Map tool only visible for you.

ThirdRails Community Radar shows all active players, using ThirdRails Radar in a world-wide radar.

We plan regular updates with improvements and new features so if you want to keep up with future versions subcribe to this TRM blog or follow us on Facebook!

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ThirdRails Radar

To use ThirdRails Radar (TRR) you have to broadcast your positions using the ThirdRails Map tool. Once broadcasting a tiny url is presented, which you can use to view your personal live map on any device using a webbrowser. At that point you could minimize TRM to get it out of your cab.

ThirdRails Community Radar

ThirdRails Community Radar (TCR) is an open world-wide radar showing all active users which broadcast to TRR. See it as your local railway company radar. TCR offers a kind of multiplayer environment, where you can see, and interact, with your friends. You can navigate to TCR from your personal radar. (Back and forward)

The Community Radar is, for the moment, available at
You can visit the website and view all active players, show their data and follow them if you like.

Current version

Released 07-01-2018

  • Features are now clustered on higher level to avoid a lot of clutter
  • Inactive players having their speed at 0 will be hidden after 30 minutes. As soon as the speed picks up they are of course shown.
  • Group Radar. By using a tag players can create their own group radar. Use the tag as query string in the url. For example:
    (Requires TRM tool version

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