ThirdRails Whistle Board

Please update to version which is required to publish post to the board!

What is it?
ThirdRails Whistle Board is the master piece of the ThirdRails Tools chain providing a social network based on broadcasted rides.
TWB is aimed to be the social network for simulation software, currently exclusive available for Train Simulator users who broadcast their rides to ThirdRails radar. TWB is inspired by STRAVA, an app used by runners and bikers for tracking their run and rides. (It’s amazing to see how many STRAVA function apply also to train simulation)

Once established other simulation games (like TSW) could be added.

The current status: BETA / Experimental
Building a social network is not an easy task, therefor is this version marked as experimental. This implies that not all functionality is implemented (yet) and it could well be that, if you guys really like it, and making it a success, the current shared hosting will explode killing all the content.

You can find ThirdRails Whistle Board here:

What does it offer right now?
At this moment TWB offers anonymous registration of rides done by ThirdRails Map Tool 3.0.
You can:

  • TWB Account (required, setup from within TRM
  • Follow your peers and other users of interest in your feed
  • View rides of yourself and every one else
  • Explore driven route on the map
  • Explore used route and scenario if provided by user
  • Explore timetable if used (downloading is coming soon)
  • Get on top of the weekly miles-driven leaderboard. Earn the KOM for every week!

What is lacking?

  • No screenshot uploads
  • No global statistics
  • End user designable dashboards
  • No TWS

Will this be coming?
Depending on the success of this experiment I will investigate further development of this platform.

Hosting of a succesful social platform will bring more costs, and since donation and ads can’t cover the costs as it is right now, development/deployment without extra funding is out of the question.
To cover the hosting costs one can think about a user subscription for a small amount per month or attracting other parties to participate.

Let’s see how this develops!

How does it work?

Your Whistle Board account
From version a Whistle Board account is required to post rides to the board. With that we can make leaderboard faster, and you will be able to follow your peers and other users within your own feed. (Train Simulation goes social!)

An account requires a user name (your driver name), a password, and your e-mail address for account recovery. Your e-mail will be stored on our server hashed and salted, so even we can not see it. It will be only used when provided by you in case of lost password.

Local Logbook
ThirdRails Map Tool 3.0 makes a log in the logbook for every broadcasted ride, which is longer then 2 miles.
After you stop the broadcast you will be presented with the “Add to log” dialog which will, if you don’t click the form or any editor, automatically log your ride after 5 seconds.

Adding Log to logbook dialog

If you click this dialog, or a control the auto logging will be cancelled, giving you the opportunity to alter additional data.



The log is placed in your personal logbook which is in your user profile data folder “activities.db”.
Note: We don’t have a backup feature yet, so make regular backups of this file.

If you do several rides on a continued broadcast, ThirdRails will detect when you start a new ride, from a different location. Suppose you start broadcasting and doing a ride from London to Brighton, stop the TS scenario and start a scenario from Peterborough to York, TRM will automaticaly log the first part as a seperate log by providing the Add to log dialog once your location is in Peterborough. (You can alway Cancel if TRM has it wrong)

You can find your logbook under menu Extra.
It offers lots of posibilities to arrange your data into multiple layouts. You can sort, group and filter your data to make all kind of summaries.

Right mouse click on columnheaders for this menu.

Publishing to ThirdRails Whistle Board
Once you personal log is saved your ride is published to the Whistle Board. Note that only rides longer then 5 miles are accepted by the Whistle Board Feed.

You can, of course, alter your data in the logbook form and republish the information to the Whistle Board.

If you still use version, updating activities can lead to strange behavior due to a bug. Please update to version Download at the download yard.



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