On this page you will find tutorials about ThirdRails.
New to ThirdRails? To get a helicopter view of the posibilities you might want to review the ThirdRails for Rookies page.

#1 Basic usage Tutorial

Author: Thomas Harrison (Youtube, Twitch)

In this video Thomas shows the basics involved using ThirdRails, like broadcasting and making a timetable by hand.

#2 ThirdRails Real Drive Explained

Author: ThirdRails

In this recorded stream video Roland explains the two different Real Drive modes, Realtime and Adhoc

#3 Using ThirdRails Real Drive 2

Author: ThirdRails

In this video you learn how to do  a real drive, aka riding a real service, using the integrated RealtimeTrains service for United Kingdom.

#4 Using Real Drive for other European countries

Author: ThirdRails

In this video you will learn how to do Real Drive in other European countries.

#5 Introducing ThirdRails Live Radar for Real Drives

Author: ThirdRails

Use the ThirdRails Live Radar app to follow a real world service closely.
This is a ThirdRails Friend feature.


#6 Dashboard design basics

Author: ThirdRails

Learn how you can make your own dashboard.
This is a ThirdRails Friend feature.



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