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ThirdRails Maptool, the free live map tool for Dovetail Train Simulator 2019 (32/64):

Free Download Here

  • Live map with several maptypes OSM (incl. heritage railways), Bing, OpenRailWayMap and Transport Maps
  • Scenario building support with military precision using POI’s
  • Broadcasting to ThirdRails Radar, view your live map on any device
  • GPS-R device for communication, connect with other drivers
  • EBuLa device, electronic timetable with radar announcements
  • Service guard for spoken announcements based on Timetable
  • ThirdRails Real Drive extend TS QuickDrive and Free Roam with Real Drives powered by Realtime Trains

And if you broadcast your live map to ThirdRails Radar and Community Radar:

  • Out of the cab live map experience, your live map on any device using a webbrowser.
  • Community Radar showing all players broadcasting their livemap
  • Multiplayer, with MP events, VTOC’s posibilities
  • Whistle Board Social Network to get inspired and inspire!

ThirdRails brings your service to live!


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ThirdRails Community Radar

It’s more, it’s Multiplayer -> Live Radar

Click here to visit the radar at www.rentor.nl

It’s more, it’s a Community -> Whistle Board:

Click here to visit the Whistle Board

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We need your help!

Yearly costs covered by donations 29%

Push the ThirdRails project higher! Yes you can!

All the ThirdRails tools are free to use, and will always be free. However we do make costs for instance to host the radar and developments. Therefor we ask you, if you like our tools,  to support us one way or the other.

How can you support ThirdRails?

  1. Make a donation. Donations help this project to grow up with new features, cover the hosting costs, and keep motivation on top!
  2. Like us on Facebook and share! More drivers is more fun!

We use advertisements on our websites to cover some of the costs, however without your donations it will not be possible to keep our services free.

Any donation, no matter how small, would be greatly appreciated!

Doing the best with passion!

Please make your donation on our donation page using Paypal.


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What is cooking?

What’s in the Lab:

  • Multiplayer Freeroam and QuickDrive Scenario’s
    Play with your friends in the same scenario, see each other, interact with each other.
  • Virtual Train Operating Companies (VTOC)
    Join or create your own VTOC and run a virtual railway with your friends.

What’s currently available:

  • Consult the roadmap for the latest features, bugfixes and enhancements.


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