Track your Train Simulator rides on beautiful maps

The ThirdRails Map Tool follows your train on a map, where you can add POI’s about the route, destinations and other info of interest.

How it works

Simply start following your train by clicking the green Follow button. During the ride you can add Point-Of-Interests like destinations, speed restrictions etcetera to help you with route learning.
POI's can be saved to a ThirdRails Project for later use.

Maps and layers

The tool offers several map types like Open Street Map and Bing Aerial maps. In addition layers of can be projected over the map of choice, adding track information.

Broadcasting your ride

Optional you can Broadcast your ride the radar. This gives you the opportunity to get the real out-of-the-cab experience because you can view your ride on any device in a webbrowser
Ultimately you are also visible on the community radar which shows all active players.