Current in development

Last updated: 19-06-2024
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WIP Release 7.3

To Be Determined

  • Improvements

Planned for Next Main Release 8

Release Autumn End of 2024

  • Custom Parameterized Timetable Announcements
  • Use of SSML tags with AI Azure voice to alter speaking rate, pitches and pauses
  • Randomized Timetable Announcements over multiple configurations. One voice multiple configuartions
  • Random Greetings
  • Announcement Stories based on Route, Place and timetable event (Next, Approach, Calling)

On The Radar

In The Lab (Not Planned For Release, may not be released at all)

    • TWB: Virtual Train Operation Companies (VTOCs)
    • TWB: Screenshots from Steam Cloud integration

Release History

Previously published releases

Release 7.2

Release 15-05-2024

  • Added Service Name composer for broadcast tag on broadcast form
  • Multiplayer: Added to drive Loco for selected AI service
  • UK CRS Code Search browser is now part of Live Browser Explore tab
  • Added UK CRS Code Search feature to RTT Real Drive selection form
  • Added timetable Move Back and Forward buttons on HUD timetable panel
  • Added set time to current station depart time button on HUD timetable panel
  • Added Service input box on TS Catalog form (TS Drive) to take over on broadcast info
  • Guard Voice volume is now persisted between sessions
  • Last used Guard Voice configuration is now persisted between sessions
  • Fix for OnTop issue Logbookform grid dialogs
  • Updated Documentation
  • General improvements and fixes

Release 7.1

Release 23-01-2024

  • Introduction to Multiplayer scenarios More info: Multiplayer Scenario Concept
  • BYOG -Bring Your Own Guard- Use your own Azure Speech Service for announcements
  • General announcement and voice improvements
  • Improvement: Cancel log dialog now via confirmation
  • Fix: Adding service annnouncement via HUD could unintentionaly eb removed during ride
  • Updated CEF browser and component library to latest version
  • General improvements and fixes

Release 7.0

Released 14-08-2023

  • Over 460 Azure Neural Voices for Announcements
  • Announcementbuilder AI voices tab
  • Announcementbuilder Copy and Paste configuration to/from voices
  • Announcements: Abbrevations for spoken announcements per language culture. (F.i. Hbf => HauptbahnHof)
  • Community Radar, Who's Online Count Indicator at Start of application to promote multiplay style
  • Live browser, link to TS Umap updated
  • Live browser, extra button Nto avigate to TS location for alternative maps (RailmapOnline, StreetView)
  • You can now use announcement editor from the HUD for easy use of parameters during composing service announcement
  • Updated CEF Browser component to latest version
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 is now a prerequisite
  • Discontinued auto deployment of 32 bits version
  • General improvements and fixes

Release 6.2

Release 01-05-2023

  • PDF Viewer integrated in Live Browser so you can consult documentation in the cab
  • Added YouTube website to Live Browser so you can view startup videos in the cab
  • TS Drives: Timetable Type scenarios now available for timetable extraction
  • Added elevation percentage to tooltip Elevation control
  • After hiding mouse focus not automaticaly to TS (inconvinient when f.e. chatting)
  • Updated CEF Browser component to latest version
  • General improvements and fixes

Release 6.1

Released 19-01-2023

  • New
    • Gradient indicators (down, flat, up) added to Speedometer and HUD Radar
  • Improvements
    • Quick Drive editor now reads markers for packed routes
    • Added ThirdRails tab to live browser with Learn section
  • Fixes
    • Announcement Files not found error fixed at start of Service for new installations
    • HUD opacity now 70 instead of 0 (invisible) for new installations
    • Window Size to normal for new installations
    • Tabs now visisble for new installations
    • Map Control default invisible for new installations
    • OpenRailwayMap is now showing again
    • Crash for not well formed times in timetable at timeliness check

Release 6.0

Released 15-12-2022

  • New: Streamlined Extended Gameplay ( Video)
    • GSM-R device is now fully integrated as the HUD Config Panel
    • HUD Config Panel direct accessable during your ride
    • Direct alter service settings like announcements and time
    • Timetabled rides now default paused at start for ride setup time
    • Non timetabled rides can now use HUD by default
    • Steam Chat integrated as HUD Chat panel (Chat from the Cab: Experimental)
  • New: One unified live browser w/ additional maps, live radars and explore services
  • New in Beta: Quick Drive Scenario editing track markers (waypoints) to match path to timetable
    • Insert, Delete and Edit Track Markers to match the path with a timetable
    • Backup of original scenario
    • Selection of trackmarkers from track.bin
    • Try auto match Timetable destinatins to track markers (might come in 6.1)
    • Sneak Preview on Youtube: JIT Quick Drive Scenario editing
  • Improved: After hiding mouse always shift the focus to TS
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix: TS Drive reading catalog error: File Exists
    • Fix: TS Drive reading catalog error: Move the File pointer before... reading false .AP files
    • Fix: Persist Skin and Windows location/size settings at update application via setup

Known Issues

Only new user installation are affected.
- In some cases you get an error when you click Drive Now from the HUD Config panel saying the ServiceAnnouncement.txt (or culture variant) is not found:
System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not find file 'C:\Users\Your UserName Here\Documents\ThirdRails\Data\Serviceannouncements.txt'
 Woraround: Create the missing text file yourself in the Data folder or open the Service Announcement per Voice from the Announcement Builder. (File-Extra Announcement Builder)
- For new users / installations the HUD opacity is 0, so it is not visible.
 Workaround: Set the Opacity of the HUD in the settings to the default 70. (File-Settings tab HUD)

Release 5.4

Release 05-10-2022

  • New: HUD Speedometer Panel with ODO, AWS/SIFA alerter and AFB/Speed Set indicator in analog and digital version
  • New: Extended Start Service menu with ThirdRails Service- and Timetable file, and New Service option
  • New: Windows 11 skin (WXI), default for Windows 11 users, optional for Windows 10 or lower
  • Fixed: Reading Scenarios with RouteProperties.xml and also MainContent.ap in folder now considered packed.
  • Improved Extended Gameplay (Timetabled Services) process:
    • Finish or stop ride from HUD for direct Log Dialog
    • GSM-R from HUD now via icon and toggles GSM-R visibility
    • Edit Broadcast Data direct from HUD
    • HUD now shows (optional via settings) timetable action buttons Next, Approach and Calling At (in case you forget the shortcuts)
  • General update Devexpress components to version 22.1.4

Release 5.3.1

Release 15-06-2022

  • Fix for European Real Drives, retreiving timetables no longer works due to change at provider


Release 08-06-2022

  • TS Drives: Several fixes and improvements
  • New: Realtime Speed Chart w/ Elevation Profile as Tab on main form
  • New: Timeliness Scoring system for Timetabled Rides
  • New: Timetable Performance Rating Stars and Timeliness Score Percentage Gauge
  • New: Logbook now available via title menu
  • New: HUD now shows Timeliness- and Platform Indicators
  • New: Logbook Activity Replay also replays Speed Chart w/ stops
  • GSM-R Device improvements
    • New: Action menu w/ less used functions
    • New: Service Pause function for Ad Hoc Real Drives
    • New: Edit Broadcast Data (from Action Menu)
  • Some HUD icons changed for less cluttered UI
  • Log dialog, is now Ride Report showing Timetable Score, Timeliness Percentage and Speed Chart
  • Auto logging after 10 seconds discontinued
  • Improved: Activity now shows Timetable Score
  • General update Devexpress components to version 21.2.7


Release 14-04-2022

  • TS Drives
    • New (Experimental): Timetable for Freight Services available in HUD for radar announcing Operations
    • Passenger Service timetable from TS scenario only having StopAt commands instead of PickupPassenger
    • Brown radar tag for freight services
  • HUD improvements and fixes
    • Added Shortscuts for door side announcement(CTRL+SHIFT+[ left, CTRL+SHIFT+] right
    • Added Action type indicator (PickupPassenger, StopAt, Attach/drop vehicles)
    • Added Total Distance to HUD radar
    • Improved auto hide mouse, y position not changed instead of top HUD
    • Arriving at, Current at and scheduled arrival announcements by clicking labels
    • Adding new announcements on the fly with + in selection box
    • Fixed wrong language announcements after changing voice in GSM-R device
    • Fixed several smaller bugs
  • Radar Announcements max length extended from 40 to 50 characters
  • Error: Fixed TS catalog error for scenarios w/ missing or corrupt starttime, giving red cross in grid
  • Improvement: Fixed clock visibility for Real Real Drives (was unjustly visible)


Release 23-02-2022

  • New: TS Drives: Bringing TS standard/career scenarios to the level of Real Drives, easy timetable driven spoken announcements
  • New: Train Simulator Catalog for TS scenario selection Preview: Video
  • New: HUD/GSM-R device, time synchronization with scenario when driving a TS scenario
  • New: Automatic logging of Route and Scenario for TS Drives
  • New: Elevated Start Service menu in form caption for quick starting Timetabled Real Drives and TS Drives
  • New: HUD Autohide inactive mouse after a few seconds (configurable 0-20sec, 0 = never)
  • New: Optimized tracking engine, keeping app now responsive in case of no gps available
  • New: New version notification link in statusbar in case of new release available
  • Replaced all browser components with Chromium for better memory management
  • Improved data of live timetables, TS timetables now rounded to minutes (11:05 istead of 11:04:42)
  • HUD Improvements and fixes
    • Improved integration between HUD and GSM-R device
    • Radar, when mouse out of bounds TS is auto focused
    • Hide radar forms/control from Windows Task bar
    • HUD opacity and Autohide mouse now persisted in settings
    • Fixed HUD showing red color for departure/arrival timelable around midnight but being on time
    • Fixed error on closing HUD from main form
    • Improved the auto out of bound Focus TS feature


Release 20-01-2022

  • Fix: Keep UK time in realdrive after reopening broadcast form
  • Fix: Memory bug browser. Replaced default Microsoft browser control with Chromium based CEF browser control
  • New modern HUD
    • Highly configurable simplified, transparent, multipart HUD for timetabled driven rides and Real Drives
    • Timetable pane offering Next, Approach and Calling at info, optional additional panes for schedule and Communication (for Service Announcements)
    • HUD radar, with online Community/Personal radar and optional additional pane for Communication(for Chatting)
    • Unique Train Wheel Menu to execute timetable actions from HUD like Gong, Service calls in a uncluttered way
    • Use HUD from the main form with posibility to do service announcements and chat on the radar


Release 21-12-2021

  • Remember recently used map
  • Possibility to use other OSM maptype in Logbook
  • Fix: Short cut for EBula short approach announcement changed from "ALT+?" to "ALT+CONTROL+." (because "ALT+?" is used by German locs for Spring brake)
  • Auto Focus to TS from GSM-R device based on setting when leaving form bounds with mouse
  • Focus TS from GSM-R device after actions based on setting
  • Right/Left door buttons for exit side announcement
  • Announcement Enhancements
    • Fixed mismatch in service call for non UK services by ommiting departure time for other languages
    • Fixed wrong TOC text in timetable for European Real Drives choosen from DB
    • New exit platform side (right or left in drive direction) announcement


Release 15-09-2021

  • Fixed OpenStreetMap Basic layer not showing up


Release 11-08-2021

  • Announcement Builder. Your own timetable driven announcements in any language!
  • Parameterized Service Announcements in language context on GSM-R device
  • Automated Service Announcements using a ThirdRails project with the new GPS aware Announcement POI's
  • Play your sound announcement files (mp3, wav etc.) via integrated Windows Media Player
  • Play a language culture dependent Gong (based on selected Voice) from the GSM-R device (You can provide your own Gong)
  • Optional short version of the Approach announcement, only saying the next stop in stead of all stops (Use ALT+? or ALT+. for long)
  • GSM-R device enhanced. Moved some buttons to a more logical place
  • Fix for POI popupmenu not popping up. Now available on left click on call out
  • Extended distance for auto ride log from 1 to 5 mile. Meaning you can continue ride while route chaining 5 mi away (or if route has big GPS offset). Max. 1 mi will add up to Total Distance
More info on the enhanced announcement system: Announcements Explained


Release 17-05-2021

  • Improved speed of loading Routes, Scenarios, Sources and Countries in Log ride dialog selection boxes
  • Enhanced Tracking and Tool (fka Extra) menu (more direct clickable during tracking)
  • AWS Alarm and Acknowledgement implemented as a combined AWS flower in Speedometer
  • Integration of alternative map browser for Google Maps, RailmapOnline w/ ability of using StreetView
  • Several bugfixes
  • Confirm exit application when broadcasting


Release 12-03-2021

  • Speedometer for your second screen to support HUD less driving even more
  • Start Real Drive from the main menu
  • Fixed bug where ThirdRails application becoming  laggy after Windows 10 - 2004 update when scenario is paused, or stopped. Prerequisites: - Train Simulator 2021 - Windows 10 update 2004 Reproduce: Start following player train as usual and Pause or Stop scenario. Note that ThirdRails is not responding well. Restart scenario. Note that ThirdRails is responding OK again. Cause: Since update 2004 Train Simulator 2021 takes significant longer to answer to ThirdRails when scenario is Paused or Stopped causing ThirdRails to stall. ThirdRails asks TS every seconde the players GPS position and speed. Normaly the answer is received within 200 ms. When scenario stopped or paused this takes more then 1,5 seconde. Causing ThirdRails to ask, wait, ask, wait, not able to do its own process. Workaround: To overcome this issue always stop Following before you scenario is stopped. If you have big problems with this, please request a hotfix update!
  • Fixed Bug when closing European Real Drive form with VagonWeb loaded in browser "VagonWEB" is chosen as the name of the service, instead of selected service
  • Whistle Board log out function, and access from main menu
  • Become a ThirdRails Friend menu option under menu Help
  • General controls/component update (20.2.4)


Released 13-10-2020

  • Fixed bug where creating a Whistle Board account is failing without notification
  • Fixed bug where the last driven loco is published instead of the current driven loco
  • Fixed bug where sometimes a timetable could not be loaded for European Real Drive
  • Fixed a bug where a incomplete voice installation could cause the GSM-R tool to crash
  • Vagon Web search to check your European real drive train composition (where available)
  • WIP: Radar improvements to accomodate Europe Real Drive

Community Radar

  • Introduced ThirdRails Live panel for Live Radars (for Real Drives)


Released 20-07-2020

  • TRM: Real Drive (formely UK only) now for other European countries (DE, AT, CH, CZ, NL , SZ and more)
  • TRM: Fixed Bug that a RealTime/Adhoc Real Drive would revert to normal visualy 'normal' drive (yellow tag)
  • TRM: Fully fledged Dashboards designer for Logbook data (As ThirdRails Friends feature)
  • TRM: Timetable CSV Import


Released 19-6-2020

  • Performance improvement activities form
  • Bug: Loco and Timetable not updated/cleared at second ride
  • Fixed slugginesh of app while waiting for GPS position
  • Timetable improvements:
    •  Adjust departure time for a timetable (Editor and EBula)
    • Timetable reverse function for retour timetable (Editor and EBula)
    • TWB: Scoring (delays) saved for all timetables instead of Realdrive only
    • Ebula Clock set to realtime for Realtime drive option
    • Just-In-Time loaded timetable (via EbulaControl) now promoted to broadcast
  • Default Dashboard in logbookform as replacement for charts


Released 08-01-2019


Released 06-08-2019

  • Bugfix: Logbookform crash after deleting a ride.
  • Bugfix: Logbookform not able to save changes to Logbook and publishing to  WB
  • Bugfix: After stopping a broadcast, logging a ride can cause a build up in memory use which eventualy will lead to an Out-Of-Memory Exception.

ThirdRails Whistle Board

  • [WIP] VTOCs basics


Released 02-08-2019

  • TRM: Consume Whistle Board downloaded timetable filesdirectly for broadcast and editor
  • TRM: Remember my password function
  • TRM: More integration for Map, Radar and Whislte Board by means of tabbed main form
  • TRM: Heavy memory usage at filling distinct select boxes at WB post form
  • TRM: Fix for heavy memory use of local logbook form
  • TRM: Fixed crash customizing menu's and commands
  • TRM: Trainnumber extended from 7 to 12 charachters
  • TRM: Fix for character encoding upload TWB to feed for special characters like ë ê öbb now showing black diamonds with a question mark on TWB.

ThirdRails Whistle Board

Last update 02-08-2019

  • Download timetables as Whistle Board timetable (.wtt)

Since 22-07-2019

  • TWB: Everyone in a comment thread should be notified if comment is added
  • TWB: Notification dialog can not be closed when there are to many items
  • TWB: Get notifications for new SPADs, Comments and Followers via badge
  • TWB: Week ranking history
  • TWB: Ranking totals and sharing
  • TWB: Order of a drivers feed is unpredictable
  • TWB: Comments and SPADs (A SPAD in TWB is actualy a good thing, like a Kudo: (SPecial Attention to Driver!)


Released 04-6-2019

  • TRM: Bugfix for not showing tiles of OpenStreetMap Basic (the default background map)


Released 28-5-2019

  • TWB: Google search on driven loco
  • TWB: Social panel setup (not yet operational)
  • TWB: Following users
  • TWB: Faster weekleader- and rankingboards
  • TWB: User account and login
  • TRM: Fix for activity total time which could be off due to changing scenarios w/ different time during broadcast. Now not based on scenario, but on start/end broadcast time.
  • TRM: Allow rides 4 hours and longer. In prior version rides longer then 4 hour (>17.000 gps points) resulted in a publish error. (maxJSONLength bigger)
  • TRM: Extended Log dialog reaction time from 5 to 10 seconds
  • TRM: Fixed a bug which could cause an activity to be posted twice
  • TRM: Deleted activities are now also deleted from the TWB feed
  • TWB: Now works in IE 11. TWB now shows OK in TRM


Released 09-04-2019

  • Fixed a bug caused by the developer (=me ;-) ) who let his local test feed url in the release so that no one could add something to the feed.


Released 09-04-2019

  • Fixed a bug that caused to set a different key to an activity causing duplicates of the same activity in the feed.


Released 09-04-2019

  • Critical fix for broadcasting bug
  • ThirdRails LogBook (TLB)
    • Automatic ride detection for seperate logs during continuing broadcast
    • Fully configurable grid view
    • Basic statistics (mi/loc, time/loc)
    • Editing log data
    • Relive route, with route replay
    • Auto share to ThirdRails Whistle Board
  • Introducing ThirdRails Whistle Board (BETA, EXPERIMENTAL, PROTOTYPE)
    • Ride post feed (inspired by STRAVA (for bikers/runners) )
    • Broadcasted and logged rides publishing to feed
    • Posts will be 'anonymous' as provided in Broadcast form
    • Basic ride info (route/scenario) and statistics to explore from all users.
    • Route map
    • Timetable if used within TRM
    • Leaderboards (Per week)


Release 12-02-2019

  • Auto Broadcast Setting (Default true, will start broadcasting automaticaly with your default broadcast settings). If you don't want this you can uncheck this option in the settings under the Radar tab.
  • Peek the radar from within  the TRM tool.
  • Option to sync TS scenario time with GSM-R device
  • Fixed broadcast VIEWID (Could change due to driver update) Note: Your VIEWID, and thus you personal radar address has changed. If publish this URL in a stream or website, don't forget to update!
  • Location accuracy circle. If location is on the back on the train set an accuracy circle showing front of train at track intersection. SHIFT click map to set radius.
  • Route offset feature for routes with a deviation compared to real world
  • Measure tool (SHIFT + move mouse measure distance to train from any point)
  • Total distance travelled. (Later used for statistics per loco)
  • Further improved tracking. Suspend tracking at minimized.
  • Dutch spoken announcements (Nederlandse conducteur voor aankondigingen)
  • On RTT Form view online live service info (Stock, position, cancelation)


Release 15-11-2018

  • TRM: Improved tracking mechanisme to avoid cluttering when doing long (> 2hr) rides
    • Refactored mechanisme
    • Toggle option to suspend/resume route path drawing
    • New "Suspend path drawing during broadcast" setting
    • Resulting in less memory use, and less processor time after > 2 hours
  • TRM:Refactored 32/64 bits coding for easier deployment (You won't notice :) )
  • Radar: Encoding for special characters to  avoid ?BB (ÖBB) on radar text
  • TRM: Option to save timetable from Real Drive on RTT form during broadcast setup
  • TRM: >10 minutes delay notification now stretched to >100 minutes
  • TRM: Fixed announcement bug saying 12 o'clock service for all morning times (08:00)
  • TRM: Fix for serz.exe not found error on timetable scenario extraction
  • TRM: Fix for Raildriver settings path not shown as selected at settingsform
  • TRM: BugFix When zooming with map trackbar an error occurs on showing POI tooltip
  • TRM: Broadcast info now reflected in statusbar during broadcast
  • TFM: Broadcast tag is now saved with service file


Released 12-10-2018

  • Support for Train Simulator 2019 64 bit edition
  • Radar: Delay notification color green for Early and On Time, red for late
  • Radar: Enhancements and improvements
  • TRM Tool: Ride Summary Report from GSM_R tool


Released 09-10-2018

  • Fix for Geolocator
  • Security certificate for
  • Radar: New Tags for Realtime and Adhoc Real Drives
  • Radar: Link to RTT service in popup for Real Drives
  • Real Drive: Adhoc Real Drive, drive a real service on other time of the day (Just use any timetable/anywhere/anytime, GSM-R clock set 2 minutes ahead start, adjustable)
  • Real Drive: RealTime Real Drive, driving the real services at the real time (GSM-R clock set to UK local time, not adjustable)
  • TRM: Approach announcement change "This is the 9T67 serice to..." into "This is the 2002 service to " (Departure time of latest service)
  • TRM: Hotkeys for announcements, no need anymore to leave the cab with your mouse (ALT+T for calling at, opens also the doors, ALT+Comma for Next Stop and ALT+Period for Approaching)
  • TRM: Clock set two minutes ahead of start timetables and adjustable (except for Realtime Read Drive)
  • TRM: Timeliness performance measuring and radar notifications for all timetables


Released 30-07-2018

  • ThirdRails Real Drive (tm) basics
  • TRM Tool: Realtimetrains integration for real live timetable extraction
  • TRM Tool: Timetable from scenario extraction
  • TRM Tool: Just-In-Time timetable loading (File, Scenario, RTT)
  • TRM Tool: Discord integration
  • TRM Tool: German speaking Service Guard. (Dienst Fahnder)
  • TRM Tool: Clock in the GSM-R device


Released 21-06-2018

  • TRM tool: Spoken announcements EBuLa for Timetable and adhoc announcements. (WCML Trent Valley route style)


Released 12-06-2018

  • TRR/TCR: EBuLa (Electronic Timetable Book) integrated in GSM-R tool for semi automated Next stop, Approach and Calling At announcements.
  • TRM tool: Timetable Editor for making timetable files (.ttt) which can be added to broadcast for EBuLa device
  • Slightly compacter GSM-R tool to accomodate EBuLa device
  • TRM tool: Continuous tracking. Keep following and broadcasting whether you have an active scenario or not tracking and broadcasting is resumed automatically.
  • TRM tool: Improved tracking mechanism to avoid sluggish tool after more than 3 hours tracking.


Released 22-04-2018

  • TRM tool: Full screen option
  • TRM tool: Option to set visibility style of POI, default, or without text
  • TRM tool: Option to keep train in center, or free map panning
  • TRM tool: On broadcast form button to switch origin/destination
  • TRM tool: Popup menu for map
  • TRM tool: Possibility to go to personal radar in GSM-R Radar


Released 01-03-2018

  • Starting a broadcast completely refactored so that you can now prepare your broadcast.
  • More optional information can be shared during the broadcast. You can now share: Your personal name or nick name and steam account. For the service you are driving during the broadcast you can share Train numberorigindestinationStock info and TOC.  (Data is shown on the popup in the Community Radar)
  • Advance functions to persist data (train numbers, origin etc.) and complete service info to textfiles for later reuse.
  • Service tag name generator (“A1234 BTN-VIC”)
  • GSM-R device for communication of Next stopService announcements and Chat.
  • Auto focus TS after communication according to setting.
  • In-Cab Community Radar offering all the goodies of the radar
  • Community Radar: Rolling stock Google search on player popup.
  • Community Radar: Driver Steam account visit, if available.
  • Community Radar: Due to the In-Cab-Radar had to fix a bug on IE11 to make the radar work. (Since I had no complaints I bet no one uses IE11, keep it that way!)
  • Several improvements.

TCR web Version

Minor Update 10-01-2018 

  • Tab Toolbar for not frequent used functions.
  • Download Map as Image function. Note: This works for OpenStreetmap, Transport and Bing backgrounds. If you use OpenTopoMap as background or one of the OpenRailwayMap layers this function gives an error due to security reasons. Because the images provided to the map are retreived from different sources, which sets the canvas into the Tainted mode, not allowing you to pull anything out of it. If this happens simply refresh your browser.
  • Share ThirdRails Community Radar button.

Released 28-12-2017

  • Features are now clustered on higher level to avoid a lot of clutter
  • Inactive players having their speed at 0 will be hidden after 30 minutes. As soon as the speed picks up they are of course shown.
  • Group Radar. By using a tag players can create their own group radar.

TRM version

Released 08-01-2018

  • Public encrypted url where tag is not exposed. Special for viewers of a private event.

 TRM version

Released 07-01-2018

  • Function to tag your broadcast.

TCR web Version

Released 28-12-2017

  • Geocoder to quickly jump to searched city, address or station. Available when the TimeTable tab is open, right under the tab.
  • Info popup is now shown when clicking on a player, showing name, location and driven loco.
  • Follow the player from the player Info Popup. The followed player will get a red/orange tag. Click anywhere to stop following.
  • Zoom to player from player Info Popup.
  • Zoom to player from player Info Popup bug fixed
  • Bug fixed where users with the same tag name, for one of them the tag was not visible.

TRM Version

Released 23-12-2017

  • Choose your speedunit at the start of the broadcast for your personal radar.
  • On the Community Radar you can set the speedunit on the Timetable tab.
  • You can change your name with f.e. a service at the start of broadcasting.
  • With CTRL - F3 you can change speedunit and name during broadcasting.
  • The loco you are driving is now published to the Community Radar

TRM Version

Released 01-12-2017

  • ThirdRails Radar: Option to show local POIs on radar, to make HUD less driving even more easy.

TRM Version

Released 25-11-2017

  • Setting added to alter refresh rate between 100 and 3000 ms. Default 1000 ms.
  • Broadcasting positions to ThirdRails Radar (= TRM webserver).  Enabling you to watch the live map on the TRM website with your id on any device, whether it is a cellphone, tablet or other PC. Thirdrails Radar will be published as Beta (Experimental).
  • Check new version function so that you can check if a new version is available

TRM Version

Released 02-11-2017

  • Background maps
  • Additional Layers
    • OpenRailwayMap with standard, signals and max speed maptype
    • Prepared for additional Imagery, WMS and Shapefiles layers(not available yet)
  • Improved way of dealing with rail driver.dll in unexpected location
  • QuickPOI panel allowing to prepare POIs at front.
  • POI Navigation from list to map and vice versa
  • Full POI editing
  • Changed icon for speed from “80” to a speedometer to avoid confusion about speed
  • Clear map
  • Fully configurable UI saved at exit
  • Windows function Full Left, Full Right and Minimize an normal setup
  • Always on top without third party tools, like Turbo Top (TS in borderless mode)
  • POI Call Out improvements
  • Autofocus TS options
  • Online Help

TRM Version Beta

Released 19-10-2017

  • Follow player train, live map
  • Registering the complete routepath. (GPS with timestamp)
  • Register Points Of Interest (POI) during the run (speed, Destinations and Info)
  • Background map OpenStreetMap
  • Save and reload POI’s as a ThirdRails project
  • Print map, Routepath list and POI list (with export options to Excel, PDF, HTML etc)
  • Fully configurable UI
  • 50 unique skins at your disposal