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ThirdRails 6 Extended Gameplay Explained, watch now on ThirdRails TV 
Whether you want to learn how to do a RealDrive, or work with timetables, or want to have an overview of all the possibilities, chances are you will find an answer here.
Still questions? Ask them via mail, or one of the social channels, and we will try to help you out.


Review the online help tool to get help for use of ThirdRails Map Tool application:
Online Help

ThirdRails Rookie? This tutorial describes all features on a helicopter view level:
ThirdRails for Rookies

Dig into ThirdRails history and get a glimp of what is on the radar:
ThirdRails Roadmap and version history

TS Extended Gameplay

ThirdRails TS and Real Drive:
  Video: ThirdRails 6 Extended Gameplay Explained
Real Drives explained
TS Drives explained
TS Drive Freight Services

Learn how to use Real Live, or manual made Timetables:
The Art of Timetabled Rides

Learn how to use ThirdRails Announcements during driving:
Announcements Explained

Learn how to use ThirdRails HUD:
ThirdRails Timetable HUD

Learn how to use chain multiple routes into on ride:
Chaining Routes

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get ThirdRails Map on top of TS with a one monitor setup?
For the best experience, it is recommended to run Train Simulator in Borderless mode. (Full Screen - Borderless)
Other TS setups will prevent ThirdRails to show on top of TS.

Does ThirdRails change TS files or effect TS performance?
No. ThirdRails only uses the raildriver interface of TS to 'read' data like the GPS position.
ThirdRails is just another Windows Application, which kind of sits on top of TS as a seperate layer. This means that ThirdRails has minimal, negligible, zero effect on TS performance or FPS.

It is not working, it says "Waiting for GPS position", what can I do?
1. Check if you have a scenario with player train, if not select one (especialy in freeroam scenario)
2. Make sure you use the right version for TS. Use ThirdRails 64 bit for TS 64 bit, and ThirdRails for 32 bit for TS 32 bit.
3. Check if the location of the RailDriver dll is set correctly via File-Settings-Tab General, button "Edit Raildriver Location"
The default will be c:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\plugins, but if installed TS in other location, make sure it points to that location (folder)
4. Make sure you use the active RailDriver dll if you have multiple installations of Train Simulator

The tracked position is at the rear of my train instead at the front?
Unfortunately we don't have control at what position the train is tracked. It has to do with the direction of your loco. To overcome the problem you can however set an accuracy circle where the radius is the length of your train, so that you have an idea where you are.
See this video tutorial: Using a Accuracy circle

The tracking is off position compared with real live track?
The route was not build on exact GPS position. Nothing we can do about that, but you can use a route offset to get closer.
See this video tutorial: Using a Track Offset

I can not use German for spoken announcements?
Currently English, German and Dutch language are native supported. However, since version 4, you can use any language, but you will have to make your own translations using the Announcements Builder. To use a languages, make sure that you have installed at least one voice in Windows 10 Speech.
For more information on installing extra voices consult Microsoft's support document on installing voices
For Dutch (Nederlands) an additional install package is available in the downloads section.

I installed a voice, but it is not available in ThirdRails
Unfortunately not all Windows Voices are available for Third Party apps like ThirdRails. There are ways to use unsupported voices anyway, however they need a certain knowledge of Windows Registry using, so we don't recommend that.
You can give at a go at your OWN RISK, just Google for it: unlock all windows 10 tts voices system wide
Please remember, we do not support it.

Whistle Board and my Privacy
A Whistle Board account requires only a username (your driver name), a password, and your e-mail address for account recovery.
Your e-mail will be stored on our server hashed and salted, so even we can not see it. It will be only used when provided by you in the case of a lost password.

I forgot my password for Whistle Board
To recover your password go to File-Settings Whistle Board tab and click Login (If the app is logged in, please Log Out first). At the Login form click "I forgot my password"
In the Reset Password Form fill in your Username and E-mail address which you used to sign up. Click Request code, an email will be send to you with a reset code.
Complete the process by entering the received Reset Code and a new password. At the Whistle Board website you can use the same password to login.


Find video tutorials on our own TV channel:
ThirdRails TV

Thomas Harrison from Train Sim TV made a tutorial for beginners:
ThirdRails Basic Usage Tutorial

Streamers, using ThirdRails

Rob Jansen Dutch Streamer, online during weekens and mostly playing trains!

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