Get the out-of-the-cab experience by viewing your ride on any device

The radar is a website, on which your ride is shown once you broadcast it. You can either view your own ride on your Personal Radar, view all active players on the Community Radar or execute a multiplayer event with your friends on the Group Radar.

How it works

To use ThirdRails Radar (TRR) you have to broadcast your positions using the ThirdRails Map tool. Once broadcasting a tiny url is presented, which you can use to view your personal live map on any device using a webbrowser. At that point you could minimize TRM to get it out of your cab.

ThirdRails Community Radar

ThirdRails Community Radar (TCR) is an open world-wide radar showing all active users which broadcast to TRR. See it as your local railway company radar. TCR offers a kind of multiplayer environment, where you can see, and interact, with your friends. You can navigate to TCR from your personal radar. (Back and forward)

ThirdRails Group Radar

ThirdRails Group Radar is like the Community Radar except only riders which broadcast the same tag are visible. This gives you the posibility to execute multiplayer events.

Show me

The radar can be visited here: www.rentor.nl