Support the ThirdRails Project by making a donation

Thank you for considering a donation to the ThirdRails project!

The monthly costs to keep ThirdRails up and running is comparable with a good quality route DLC.
Besides costs for development tools, a fair amount of money is spend on hosting the Radar and Whistle Board.
To cover those costs we do show some advertisements on our websites, however the proceeds of that is by far not enough to cover all costs.

So we really need your donation to keep ThirdRails going and to push it even higher!

Any donation, no matter how small is greatly appreciated and will go straight into the ThidRails project.
A small amount on a monthly base (recurring payment) would even be better!

By donating at least €10,00 you will become a ThirdRails Friend and have some extra exclusive functions within our tools.
Current extra benefits are:
- Professional Dashboard Designer
- ThirdRails Live Radar tool
- Designable Speedometer
- Keep the project alive and kicking

Doing the best with passion!

Please use the Paypal button to make your donation. Thank you!

Your will donate to: Beensoft - Purpose: ThirdRails
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