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ThirdRails Map Tool

Version: (ThidrRails Roadmap and version history)
Download size: ca. 128Mb

64 bits version (Prefered):
Download on Google drive
Alternative download at Beensoft

32 bits version:
Download on Google drive
Alternative download at Beensoft

Download also available via:

Older version:
Version: 64bit
Version: 32bit

Nederlandse stem Hanna
Installation with batchfile. Use at own risk.

ThirdRails Manual Viewer

Version: 2.1
Download size: ca. 17Mb

Download on Google drive
Alternative download at Beensoft

ThirdRails Live Radar

Version: BETA (Only available for ThirdRails Friends.)
Download size: ca. 199Mb

Download on Google drive
Installation: Unpack zip file somewhere on your computer. Start ThirdRailsLiveRadar.exe.
Known Issues: - TLR can pause Train Simulator during startup. Click Continue to proceed or start TLR prior to Train Simulator

ThirdRails Workshop, ThirdRails Map, ThirdRails Radar and Community Radar all rights reserved by:
Beensoft (Roland Beenhakker), the Netherlands